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Washi Tape Bag Crafts

24 July 2017

Washi Tape Crafting

This blog post is for all the washiholics out there, if you haven’t already got onto the washi band wagon where have you been!  

Washi tape is a decorative style of Japanese paper tape also referred to as Japanese masking tape. The name Washi is a Japanese word which means “Japanese Paper”.

Washi tape was invented in Japan in 2006 by a masking tape manufacturer named Kamoi Kakoshi.  

Three women artists who were fascinated with masking tape thought of how to transform the plain tape into something more decorative.  They put their ideas of illustrated tapes in a book and mailed it to Kamoi, requesting them to start producing more colourful tapes.  

Kamoi impressed by what they saw, started manufacturing this decorative tape which became popular.  Nowadays this cute craft tape is  available in a wide variety of designs and colours.

So once you have your hands on some washi tape, feast your eyes on the below to see what you can do with it:

Pick up some kraft paper or brown bags and get crafting!

1. Favour Bags – by Craft and Creativity

2. Cookie Treat Gifts by Cupcakes and Cutlery

3. Pretty garland Gift bag by Silver Boxes

4. Wrapping Ideas
   Neon Wrapping by  Fabrik Store

5. Picnic Cutlery Bag by Making Homebase
6. Confetti Bags by Proper

Happy Decorating!

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