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Paxton introduces Net2 Nano

31 March 2009

Net2 nano demonstrates Paxton Access’ commitment to developing intelligent access control products relevant and useful for today’s security industry. Net2 nano is a new wireless single door access control unit designed to extend the possibilities of Net2,

Net2 nano removes the need for hardwiring between door controllers and a PC by replacing a wired connection with a wireless one. Simply connect a Net2Air USB bridge to the Net2 server PC and it will pick up and communicate with the Net2 nano control units in range. There is a secure pairing procedure to ensure that nobody else can connect to your control units.

Extremely economical; Net2 nano can be used to secure all doors on small sites quickly and easily, reducing installation cost and making it perfect for open plan office layouts. If greater distances need to be covered and there is an existing LAN/WAN then a Net2Air Ethernet bridge can be used.  The unit plugs into a standard RJ45 network port and can be placed around a site and linked back to the PC via the LAN/WAN.

A limit of 10 Net2 nano control units per Ethernet or USB bridge and a maximum of 200 Net2 nano control units per site is recommended.

Ever adept at creating smart solutions to make installation easy, Paxton Access has also designed the Net2Air site surveyor kit; the essential tool for faultless Net2 nano installation. The site surveyor checks signal strength between the Net2 nano and a Net2Air bridge prior to installation which means installers are guaranteed total accuracy when fitting a Net2 nano.

Adam Stroud, Sales and Marketing Director at Paxton Access, says: “Net2 nano can be used in conjunction with our Net2 plus and Net2 classic control units for access points that are tricky to cable to such as gates, barriers and remote buildings.  Of course Net2 nano control units can be used exclusively on a site doing away with the need for any network cable at all.  Because the wireless environment is different at every site, we strongly recommend installers use our Net2Air site surveyor tool before installing.”

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