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Drain Health During Warmer Months

20 July 2020

At Drains Clean we provide advice, information and services to customers across Marlborough and the surrounding areas. Today we’re looking at how to keep your drainage systems healthy during the summer.

Summer, what summer?

OK, we understand that summer in the UK does not always run from June to August. It may however surprise you to learn that the past decade has been the second hottest in a 100 years. In 20220 to date we’ve experienced some warmer days across March, April and May with fluctuating temperatures in June and July. Unfortunately it’s not just winter time that can cause problems with our drains.

Winter comes with its own set of issues;

Heavy downpours, leaves clogging drains and freezing cold temperatures causing ice are all responsible for blocked drains.

So what happens in the summer?

During particularly warmer spells, external drain pipes can become victims to UV rays. Plastic pipes are located outside of the home and direct sunlight can cause damage such as cracks and brittleness. This results in water no longer flowing and draining effectively. Should pipes split, water is going to spill all over, including down the side of the home. Nothing good comes of pipes overheating.

Surely a cracked pipe is a straightforward fix?

Absolutely and you can help by keeping an eye out perhaps on a weekly basis for any issues in the first instance. The sooner a problem is identified the quicker it can be fixed, without causing any costly complications further down the line.

You can’t however see underground;

During particularly lengthy warm and dry spells, the ground can begin to crack and even fracture. Results of this unfortunate event means additional pressure is added to pipes under the surface. You may not become aware that anything is wrong until there’s a problem internally. Again, being mindful of this is always helpful.

How you can help;

Whilst there’s nothing necessarily preventative you can put in place, it certainly pays to maintain good drain health.  

What does this mean specifically?

Think firstly of autumn and winter. The leaves are falling and quite often seem to make their way to our drains, inconveniently blocking them. Keeping them clear as often as possible will result in minimal, if any problems. Similarly, in the summer, dust, grit and sand from trips to the beach can cause blockages. Try to shake clothing outdoors instead of in the bath or shower.

If you do experience any issues, Drains Clean are here to help with unblocking.


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