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Keep those rats away !

13 August 2020

Since the current pandemic has occurred the emergence of rodents has increased.

It is now time to be extra cautious and take further precautions in both home and the workplace. So what are the best ways to protect your home/workplace against rodents and infestations? Well, there are a variety of methods which we have on offer which include …

Sealed drainage systems -

These are very reliable as the seal stops the rats from entering the drain or the sewer. This method will need regular access and inspection. It will also need entry rods to clear away any blockages which may appear. This allows maintenance from the surface of the drains. Overall, it is a very accessible method.

Rodent barriers

These are as simplistic as they sound. This method is carried out by placing a durable barrier within the pipes to stop any form of access to the rodents. This will massively benefit your home or workplace from the possibility of rodent infestations.

Intercepting traps

Intercepting traps is a great method. The traps themselves are made out of fireclay and are placed in the U-bend of the pipework. They are also commonly referred to as Buchan traps. The negative to this method however is that some rodents have been able to outsmart the traps by swimming through the pipes beneath the traps in the U-bend.

Simple Cages

Cages are a cost efficient and time efficient method when removing rodents from any premises. By placing a metal cage within ventilation access points you are immediately stopping any form of access for the rodents to outsmart.

What do the professionals do ?

If you suspect you have a rat infestation then be sure to contact our team of professionals immediately. It is essential that you act quickly to further prevent the growing of the infestation. Rats are known to reproduce at an extremely quick rate and in large numbers so the quicker you take action the sooner the problem will be solved. Our professionals offer a time efficient service which guarantees the removal of any rodents. Our high standard of technology means that we can carry out the removal process in either commercial properties or domestic. Whether the job is big or small, we can help.

Where do the rodents come from?

This is an extremely common question. The rodents entry points should be identified early in the process in order to solve the problem at a much faster pace. This will massively benefit the amount of time and money spent on placing traps in various places. Rats can emerge from extremely small gaps so it is important that you investigate even the smallest gaps in pipework.

What to do next ?

We advise that after the entry points have been discovered that those points are fixed from further usage too the rodents. This could vary from root-removal services or no-dig draining services. Both which are very reliable.

How can you prevent further access to rodents for the future?

In order to eliminate any further access to rodents in the future you must ensure you are regularly inspecting for any occurring breakages within the drains, sewer and pipework. We can also provide our customers with flaps, valves and guards to stop the rodents from gaining further access.

If you suspect an issue or have any further questions don't hesitate to contact our team today.


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