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Why you should avoid chemical drain cleaners

23 September 2020

Drainage issues are usually caused by a buildup of hair, grease or food. Chemical drain cleaners are the most obvious solution however they often cause more harm than good. They actually make the draining situation much much worse.

How can you avoid a drain clog?

As previously mentioned, drain clogs appear when there is a buildup of excess waste or material. This could be food, tissue paper or even human waste. This can all be avoided by ensuring food is removed from the sink and placed in a bin, and also making sure things like coffee grounds and grease aren't present in the kitchen drains.

So why aren't chemical drain cleaners an effective solution ?

Not only do chemical drain cleaners include toxic substances but they also have the potential to cause further damage in your drainage system. The harsh chemicals and toxins which are present in drain cleaning solutions don't actually help large clogs or sewer problems.

What negative factors can chemical drain cleaners cause ?

Lots of dangerous toxins are involved in the making of chemical drain cleaners which can cause irritation when in contact with the skin. This can even be harmful in serious cases. The acids and chemicals in the cleaning products often linger for a while which can again lead to irritation on the skin, in the throat, and even in the eyes. The high intensity of acids and chemicals in the products means that not only can it be harmful to human skin but also to the drainage system itself. It can cause major erosion in the pipes and overtime this problem can develop and worsen causing the drainage system to weaken and sometimes even collapse. This is a big job to get fixed as well as being rather pricey ! It is much better to avoid this situation and avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

How to unblock your drains safely and efficiently without using chemical drain cleaner ??

Instead of purchasing cheap chemical drain cleaners (which are often even worse than the expensive options ) try contacting a professional to assess the issue before coming up with a resolution. You could even invest in plumbers snake rod which is proven to be highly effective. It is a great method for the removal of any clogs in the draining system and if this is still in-effective make sure you contact a professional to seek further advice.

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