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How We Work: The Process That Gets SEO Results

01 April 2022

At Approved Business we have a unique 6 stage SEO process. Each stage has been honed for optimum efficiency. This is how we get you the best possible SEO results in the quickest time.

Stage 1: Gathering Information

In this first stage, we glean information from those who know your business best; that’s you. We learn as much as we can about your business from an onboarding questionnaire. If we require more information following this we will book a follow-up call with you.

Once we have learned about your business from you we then begin to compile a custom report from data analysis and a Google Analytics audit. This report shows us where your website currently stands – its positives and what areas need work.

Then we investigate your niche and check where your competitors stand. We evaluate their websites to understand what performs best in your field.

This information combined comes together to help us put in place a perfectly tailored multi-channel SEO strategy and online marketing campaign plan. This sets out the goals and each of the steps we will be taking to reach them. It’s set out in workbooks that you can access so that you can track our progression through each process.

Stage 2: Technical and Quality Auditing

We then run a complete audit on your site. This includes an audit of the technical function of your website to identify any problems the search engines crawlers may encounter. It also includes a page-by-page quality audit using our specially developed tool which combines data from a variety of sources including Google Search Console and Analytics, Ahrefs, and Semrush among others.

The information from the audit is then used by us as well as your own developers (if you choose) to ensure your website structure is fully optimised.
Stage 3: Keyword Research and Analysis

Arguably the most important phase of any SEO process. This stage is to ensure that you have the right keywords in the right places to guarantee your site ranks highly for what your customers are looking for. Our keyword research finds the most useful primary and secondary keywords for your niche.

Part of our keyword analysis includes more competitor research. This involves making sure that there are no keywords or topics missing from your site that others in your field are ranking for.

Stage 4: Content Audit, Strategy, and Creation

Using all the information gleaned so far from research and auditing the content of your site is manually reviewed for performance and rankings.

Decisions are then made about whether the content needs tweaking, re-writing, or is working perfectly well as it is.

If changes to current content or additional content is required this is planned out by our content strategists with thoughts given to branding, funnel mapping, user intent, and structure including keywords and metadata. These plans are turned into SEO outlines for a member of our writing team or your own.

Stage 5: Promotion

The first task in this phase is to check where your website is currently being promoted, where it is mentioned in directories, and what other businesses and websites are backlinking to your site. We check for legitimacy and duplication as part of our backlink analysis and remove any harmful links. This cleans up your online profile and clears the way for new link building. Link building is usually in the form of guest posts and editorials on topics and websites in your niche which include a link to your site. This helps build authority for search engines and creates pathways for crawlers and customers to find your site.

Stage 6: Evaluation

Evaluation is not a one-off exercise. Instead, we revisit and audit your website monthly to check for and fix any technical or backlink problems.

We also provide you with a detailed monthly SEO report complete with ranking performance and organic traffic statistics.

Following the completion of your campaign journey with us, you also receive a wrap-up report that details the overall results including organic reach, traffic, leads and sales, and your ranking progression.

These easy-to-read and understand reports not only show you exactly how far your website has come in terms of SEO but provide a guide to what your next steps should be as well.

For a free SEO report or to have a chat with us about how you can improve your SEO results, get more leads, and increase your ROI get in touch with us at Approved Business.


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