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What Will Marketing Trends for Small Businesses Be in 2024?

19 December 2023

As 2023 draws to a close many of us are turning our thoughts to planning for 2024.

This includes looking at business plans and as a major part of those plans; our marketing plans.

But what should they include? What areas should we be focusing on in 2024? What are the marketing trends for 2024 going to be?

Here at Approved Business, we’ve got our nose to the ground and can therefore give you 5 areas that it will pay you to look at and include in your marketing plan for 2024.

AI Integration; Real-time Conversations

People are becoming less inclined to wait for answers. They don’t want to wait for a callback. They don’t want to wait for you to respond to their emails. They don’t want to have to get in touch on Monday-Friday between 9 and 5. They want answers to their queries and they want them now!

This means AI in the form of chatbots.

Quality chatbots help increase sales and improve customer experiences across your website, social media and any messaging apps.

Ensure you are writing the content for your chatbots and that it is conversational, up to date and on-brand – matching your brand voice and tone.

Voice Search Optimisation

When optimising content it is more important than ever to think about how people conduct their searches and to recognise that voice recognition devices are being used more and more. This means we have to think about mirroring speech patterns, including key phrases and questions rather than simple keywords.

Ethical Values; Environmental and Social Responsibility

Increasingly, customers are thinking not simply about good value but good values too. Whether it’s reducing your carbon footprint, using recycled and recyclable packaging or supporting environmental or social causes this will be the clincher for many sales over 2024.

Make sure you are displaying your eco or social credentials where your potential customers can see them.

Social Media Video Content

Video content is not going away.

If you are not already using video content to speak to your customers this needs to be a part of your 2024 marketing plan.

Think video testimonials, product launches, storytelling as well as introductions, how-to video content and more overt advertising.

These don’t have to be long videos. In fact, short-form video works better with modern audiences having ever-decreasing attention spans.

User Generated Content

Consumers are fed up of being lied to. User-generated content is deemed the most trustworthy by consumers so it should definitely feature in your marketing plan for 2024.

Ensure there are places for customer reviews and testimonials on your website and social media encourage people to use them maybe by offering incentives to do so, consider using influencer or micro-influencer marketing strategies, consider creating brand ambassadors, create an employee engagement programme, create a hashtag and think about social media contents/competitions (these are particularly successful on Instagram).

Where Will You Start With Your Marketing for 2024?

If you need a bit more assistance with getting your marketing on track for 2024 then get in touch with us at Approved Business. We can support you in a variety of ways whatever stage you’re at.

From video content creation and social media marketing to email marketing and website design we’ve got a solution for you.

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