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Making Video Marketing Easy

18 July 2023

Video marketing is a key part of any business’s marketing strategy. This is not only because over 90% of internet users consume video content but because video is such a versatile tool.

But, what kind of videos should you start with, how long should they be and what do you need?

Types of Videos You Should Use to Market Your Business

Introduction Videos

Introduction videos help create Brand Awareness by explaining what your business is, what you do, the services and/or products you offer and the problems that they help alleviate. They build trust and make people feel that they know you; this is key because people are more driven to buy from people.

These videos tend to be reasonably formal and polished and are great for your website’s homepage. They can also be posted on your social media from time to time at fairly regular intervals.

They should include a CTA (call to action) to encourage people to take the next step and lead them further down your marketing funnel.

How-To Videos

Of all videos watched online, nearly a third are how-to videos. They are an excellent way to provide value to your customers, demonstrate your expertise, and showcase your products.

If your business sells lots of different products that do different things or you offer a range of services you could create a range of how-to videos and showcase them on your own YouTube channel as well as on your website and other social media platforms.

Video Testimonials

Real customers sharing their results provides your potential customers with that all-important social proof. More powerful than a written testimonial or review, a video demonstrating your customers’ satisfaction creates a more emotional connection. Which in turn creates more conversions. These videos tend to work best if they have a bit of a ‘raw’ feel, not too polished to enhance the feeling that the person in the video is ‘just like’ the potential customer watching.

How Long Should Your Marketing Videos Be
  • Your marketing videos; introduction and testimonials should be from around 30 seconds to 3 minutes long.
  • You should always try to grab your viewer’s attention in the first 3 seconds.
  • Your how-to videos should be kept between 3 and 6 minutes where possible and get straight to it with minimum waffle!

What Do You Need to Create Marketing Videos?
  • A script. For a ‘how-to’ a storyboard is a good idea and for testimonials a set of questions, the answers to which you can edit down later means you will get the best from your happy customers.
  • Recording equipment, a phone is a perfectly adequate recording device. However, supplementing with a good-quality microphone and lighting (or choosing a time and location to utilise natural light) is highly recommended.
  • Video editing software. There are free and budget options available many of which are good quality and easy to use you could try Canva, Vimeo, or Filmora.
What if I Need Help Making Marketing Videos?

Don’t worry, at Approved Business we understand that your expertise is in running your business, and not necessarily creating videos. That’s why we created our video package: script writing, expert filming, and editing all done within two weeks so that you can get on with what you do best and be sure that your message is getting out in the best possible way to your future customers. Simply get in touch with us for a no-obligation discussion of your video needs.

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