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12 April 2022

Office Moving International offers clean, dry and secure storage facilities from 10 cuft to 5,000 cuft and aims to provide a comprehensive storage service to all is clients.

Our facilities are clean and well maintained to ensure the best possible environment for all items.  Modern handling methods are used to ensure a minimum of disturbance to all items stored.

OMI operate the following storage methods:

•    Open Storage
•    Palletised Boxes
•    Metal Containers

Before, during or after a move, you may find some items of office furniture surplus to requirement.  Managed storage enables you to better utilise expensive office space.  OMI can store items for any period required, or alternatively we can arrange licenced disposal. OMI are Licenced Waste Carriers certified by the Environment Agency.

Should you require assistance with any aspect of your move please call us 020 3188 3001

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