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Packing for your office move

23 August 2022

We will provide crates five days (or when advised) in advance of your move date and we will leave them with you until we receive advice that a collection is required.

Please ensure that the crates are not overfilled, so that they can be neatly stacked on top of each other.

If required, Office Moving International can supply expert packers to assist your staff with pre-packing and unpacking. To avoid extra costs, all crates should be made available for collection as quickly as possible after the move.

Filing cabinets (4-drawer) or similar should be emptied unless specifically instructed by our representative, Cabinets should be locked and keys retained by your personnel.  If they cannot be locked, please secure with tape (available from OMI)

Desks and tables
All desks should be emptied.  Please do not lock drawers.  Label each section of desk or table as some may have to be dismantled before being moved.

Plan Chests
In some cases these can be moved full and in other cases they will have to be emptied.  Our consultant will advise you on the best method moving them.

All bookcases/cupboards should be emptied and items packed.  Sliding doors must be left open and labelled.  Please label each section of the book case.

Safes/fire proof cabinets
Please empty all contents before removal.  Large, heavy safes should be left open and keys available.  Please ensure our consultant sees all safes and fireproof cabinets during the site survey.

Our team of carpenters/joiners can be made available to handle all dismantle and reassembling of racking and shelving including mobile racking, provided clearance is granted by manufacturer.

Specialist machines
Please point out to our Moving Consultant all IT Servers and other hardware.  If any machine is rented or on lease it is advisable to consult the manufacturers as these may be covered by the lease agreement.

Lateral Filing
Cabinets must be emptied and contents placed into containers.  As there are many types of cabinets our consultant will advise you on the best method of packing.

Should you require assistance with any aspect of your move please call us
020 3188 3001


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