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2023 1st quarter End of Range - Value bargains

25 January 2023

Normally in the 1st few weeks of a new year, we get notice of a few products that are to be removed from what we call, ‘normal’ stock to our End of Range – Value Bargains heading.

This January  is no exception, and we have a good selection of Fire Safes and Letter boxes (Yes we do sell them too)

Fire Safes Small Home safes

Phoenix Safes have done us proud and we have quite literally got the cheapest home safe going..... Cheap... yes indeed.

Called the Compact SS0721EBD, Available in 2 colours. Errrr Blue and Pink, great quality electronic lock with key override, and, both have the benefit of a top located deposit  slot too!

 Priced at £64 plus vat with its sale price being a really low, £35 plus VAT. Just shy of 50% discount and free delivery, UK mainland!!

If you have a need to buy more than 5 of these ideal home safes as a gift for a youngster, student or indeed staff giveaways, we can even accommodate a further reduction if they are  going to one delivery address.
We also have the Phoenix Titan FS1300 Series complete range going for a song. There are Key lock and Electronic lock models up for grabs showing 57% discount, free next day delivery, 2 year warranty.

Letter Boxes
Yes, we sell Letter boxes too!

More options that the sheds, all weather proof, all either zinc coated to prevent rust, prior to being  powder coat finished in White, Green or Black. We even have a few stainless steel options as well, with prices from as low as £20 plus VAT. 5  year warranty and free delivery

More Bargains
We have Data safes, Large Fire cabinets and much more to offer in our End of Range – Value Bargains section, so now is the time to splash the cash while the stock is available. We know you will not get  a lower price!!
Don’t forget to browse the rest of the web site if you are, indeed, looking for a Safe, Set of staff Lockers, Key Cabinet, Medical cabinet, Gun safe, Underfloor safe, Commercial Safe, Fire Cabinet  and a whole heap of goodies at  we know to be the best in the UK.
Happy to give you a cracking delivery service, excellent products, and the very best attention to detail:



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