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21 March 2024

The Dudley Europa EUR2-02e is a Euro grade 2, heavy duty, high quality safe.

Designed to deter burglary, it is perfectly suited for use as a Commercial safe, Office safe and Security safe for the home to protect cash and valuables. This comes with the benefit of a free palletised delivery.

Europa Grade 2
Security Protection:
This Dudley Europa EUR2-02e has a recommended £17,500 overnight cash rating, or, is suitable for up to £175,000 of valuables. Subject to your Insurers confirmation.

Designed and made in Great Britain to meet the stringent requirements of European safe testing, as outlined in BS EN1143-1:2012. Tested by the Loss prevention certification board (LPCB) and is suitable for larger Commercial and high domestic risks. It is an AiS insurance approved safe for the home and one of the best commercial safes available in the Euro Grade 2 category.

Made in the UK under the control of ISO 9001:2008, its steel body hides fixed drill deflection plates and its barrier infill material far exceeds test criteria resistance. This EUR2-02e comes with a 3 way, 32mm diameter moving door bolt work with fixed 32mm hinge side dogging bolts. Additional fixed hardened steel plates protect vital areas, and, in addition, its relocking device secures its door in case of attack.

For utmost security, it also comes ready prepared for floor fixing, and, in addition can also be made with an optional rear fixing point.

Fire Protection:
Fire tested to BS476 Part 22 and certified in the UK by LPCB to EN1143-1 European standard giving 45 minutes fire protection for paper records.
Note:  Not fire rated if adding deposit feature.

This EUR2-02e security safe comes with a high security electronic code lock. This uses a  master code to programme the user combination.
It is also available in this sizes with a high security key lock or, multi user code lock with audit control or traditional  mechanical dial combination.

Dual locking:
If you like to double the security of this safe, you can add a secondary lock with the low cost conversion package from the expansive list of options.
Its worth noting that Two key locks or an add of any stated locking options creates a formidable security safe indeed!

Who says we cannot stop a burglar in their tracks!

Not only is there are one height adjustable shelf with this office safe. You can even, if requiring more, order extra shelves!

Deposit Options:
To suit the nature of you or your business, Dudley Safes can even make this into a deposit safe!

Options include a Capsule deposit, positioned to the safe top, side or rear, which may require a through the wall deposit tube. or, top located Rotary Deposit, Drawer Deposit or Letter Slot.

Dudley Safes stand by the quality of this product, and, indeed, give a generous 5 year warranty on this Dudley Europa EUR2-02e, against defects arising from materials and workmanship.

Moreover, this warranty underscores their commitment to your satisfaction and trustworthiness of their safes.

All locks come with a 12 month warranty.

The price advertised, includes free palletised delivery. Normally on a five day schedule, time and stock prevailing.
If out of stock, it will be made to order on an approximate 7-14 day schedule.
Install option:
Because the Dudley Europa Euro Grade 2 is heavy, we also offer low cost UK mainland install with base fix. Quoted for a suitable ground floor location (no stairs) or upper floor via goods/passenger lift capable of taking the products weight.

Please contact us for a price if this is your preferred option, or you need its install via stairs.

In addition, we ask Scottish Highlands customers to call us before ordering. Because of the distances involved we may get charged a little extra for its delivery.

We’d rather tell you if it costs more!!

Finally and in conclusion: The Dudley Europa EUR2-02e is a high quality Euro Grade 2 safe. Perfect for use as a Security safe for the home, or, indeed, Commercial safe or Office safe. Solidly built with security in mind, using high quality locking mechanisms and heavy duty construction methods.
Clearly an excellent choice to safeguard your cash or valuables.

Moreover, if you require more space, consider exploring the Dudley Europa EUR2-03e.

Raise this page to view alternative sizes, raise again for similar sized alternative brands.



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