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Benefits of Reed Sensors

27 April 2023

What are the benefits of Reed Sensors?

Reed Sensors have been used as a successful switching and sensing technology for many years.  Utilised across a broad range of applications, we look at some of the key benefits of the reed sensor:

Non-touch switching solution – the sensors are embedded within a device offering better protection.  They are less prone to damage as there is no physical interaction with the switch.
Easy to assemble and position within an application
.  There are various assembly options available including snap fit, flatpack and through hole.
Robust and reliable – reed sensors are encased, protecting the internal reed switch.  They are IP67 rated and hermetically sealed making them highly suitable for hazardous and demanding environments.
Low mechanical wear
– because this is a non-touch switching technology, reed sensors have extremely low mechanical wear.  Therefore, they have a very long operational life which in turn makes them an economical choice.
Highly Efficient – a magnet changes the state of the reed switch so there is no power consumption.  They have a much lower power consumption than other electronic switch options.
Various Magnetic Sensitivity Ranges – no two designs are the same so it is important the right sensitivity is selected for particular applications.  An example of standard AT or pull in ranges are listed below:
1 = 10 to 15 AT
2 = 15 to 20 AT
3 = 20 to 25 AT

AT refers to Ampere Turns which is a standard unit categorising the magnetic sensitivity of a sensor.

Highly Customisable – the challenges of individual designs mean that standard sensors may not be suitable.  An important benefit of reed sensors is that they can be customised in a variety of ways.

Customer-specific modifications include the choice of cable length and colour, the attachment of terminals or connectors, the use of special materials (e.g. for a higher temperature range) or the complete design and manufacture of individual Sensor housings.
As we have seen, there are many benefits of Reed Sensors.  They offer a versatile and economic switching solution, suitable for a wide variety of applications.  Alan Butcher Components supplies reed sensors manufactured by PIC GmbH, a highly respected producer of sensor products.


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