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Cooler workplace for free

13 May 2010

In pursuit of reducing energy costs organisations tend to focus on winter when insulation, lighting controls and heating are the key issues

As the summer months are often overlooked it is worth considering the following statistic: it takes about three times more energy to cool a space than it does to heat it.

For many organisations an option available to them which will make a significant reduction in energy usage and carbon footprint, is the installation of solar control window film. The question is a straight-forward one: why let the sun’s heat into the building only to have to cool it down?

Window film technology has moved on leaps and bounds in the last decade. Organisations have endless choice in terms of solar control and look, able to balance level of tinting with required visible light transmission to achieve a comfortable and productive work or study area.

Technology has also moved this proposition forward. Computer modelling systems can now not only predict the reduction in heat transmission resulting from an installation of window film, but also how much energy will be saved and what affect this has on the building’s carbon footprint.

Durable can show you two examples of buildings where solar control window film has achieved high levels of sun shielding with the following payback: 200 window  building – payback 2.9 years ; 1,000 window building payback 3.6 years.

Don’t let window myopia cost your organisation – ask for an energy evaluation today.

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