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Terrible customer service (or total lack of!). Ordered a radiator, had it fitted and it was only turned on by the plumber to test it heated up. This was in September. We had no need to use it (it’s a radiator!!) until November. Once we started using it it started leaking from the bottom of the radiator itself (not due to the pipes/plumbing in. Our plumber checked it and confirmed that the radiator is faulty. Contacted customer service. We cannot have a replacement sent out until we have returned the faulty one (which is attached to our wall and central heating system!). Surprisingly we haven’t kept the packaging so we can’t return it as it is. I have asked for the replacement to be sent out so that we can get our plumber to swap it over and use the packaging to return the faulty one. Customer Service say no..,the only way to do it at the same time is if I pay for a new radiator, have it delivered then contact them to say they can collect the faulty one! And wait 1-2 weeks for a refund! Is it just me or am I taking all the pain for being sent a faulty product?! Appalling service if you have a problem - my advice would be to steer clear!!