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Great installation team. However, the benefits and saving were totally misguided. We were told the position of our house was irrelevant as panels worked on daylight and not sunlight. We were told the FIT payments and reduced bills would virtual pay for the panels. Unfortunately we have only generated £159.00 in FIT payments over 2 years. The electric bill went down by £14/month but panels cost £126/mth. Additional Stotovi system installed which pumps warm or cool filtered air back into house, great idea but it works intermittently and instructions not available in English. Even with savings to a reduced energy supplier it still costs the household of 2 adults and 1 child an additional £1344 per annum. This may be an isolated experience but very disappointed and family holiday cancelled. .


Excellent sales and marketing, expert and friendly installations.. Unfortunately no aftersales or complaints taking seriously. 13% reduction on energy bills (not 80-90%) and 10% of FIT payments predicated. Great if you have excess money sitting around for the long term but don't expect to see the savings promised until 10 yrs.