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The happiest baking day of your lives

09 July 2012

Charpak has come up with the ultimate solution to allow you to order the most sumptuous cake for your most special day.

Many of us dream of the expensive, sophisticated cake design but cannot afford it. However, this packaging solution makes available the best wedding cake product direct to the Store, straight from the cake baker! Take a close look at the design that allows elaborate wedding cakes to be transported direct from the bakery to the final customer safely and without the need to assemble the tiers at the customer’s own risk. What a relief!

Numerous technical innovations within the three piece system, including locking tabs for the cake boards ensure security in transit. The system has also been designed as a single SKU that will enable numerous shapes and sizes of final products to be shipped.

These cakes, available only through M&S wedding service, at a price that reflects their excellent design and baking quality.

Look out for further variants to be brought to market in the future.

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