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Charpak invests in a cutting edge new milling machine

03 August 2017

The ultra-modern CNC machine enables even more complex tooling to be milled at high precision and at high speed, custom-made to all shapes and sizes as required by Charpak's clients.

Sam Curtin, Tooling Manager, is thrilled with the new machine.  With over 14 years in setting up CNC milling machines, Sam intuitively knows how long it takes to programme each of Charpak's 6 machines for clients' bespoke formings.

Sam advised "Programming milling machines can take 30 mins to 2-3 hours depending upon the complexity of the client brief; and with the larger tooling and wireless capabilities on this machine milling the tooling is quicker and more efficient than ever before."

The investment adds further gravitas to Charpak's market-leading turnaround times and agility - supporting the company's vision to remain one of the few UK thermoforming manufacturers who provide the complete solution from design concepts to full production; including all prototypes and tooling manufactured in-house.

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