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2D or not 2D?

31 October 2012

2D Barcodes Introduced

J W Products are pleased to announce the introduction and availability of new 2D BARCODES on their range of WESGLOW tamper evident security seals.

What are 2D barcodes?

2D means 'two dimensional'. 2D barcodes contain more information than conventional one dimensional linear barcodes. Conventional barcodes get wider as more data is encoded. 2D barcodes make use of the vertical dimension to pack in more data. 2D barcodes have become possible as auto scanning CCD and laser scanners have replaced the original 'light pen' type of scanner.

What is PDF417?

PDF417 is a type of 2D barcode. PDF417 is the name of a specific 2D barcode symbology just as 'Code 39' is a 1D linear barcode symbology. PDF417 is the latest development in the trend to pack the greatest amount of data in the smallest space. In a very short time PDF417 has established itself as the standard 2D barcode. PDF417 is firmly established as the number one choice for many 2D applications.

2D barcodes are available to special order on the majority of the Plastic Security Seals offered in the WESGLOW range, please call for more information.

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