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Bent Wire from William Hughes gets you on the move

18 January 2013

The accelerator pedal assembly on many modern cars looks to most people like a piece of cleverly bent wire - but to manufacturer William Hughes Ltd, it is a critical component with precise dimensions that has been designed to meet key safety requirements.

Added to this, the component has a complex shape, needs to be strong and durable, and suitable for manufacture in large quantities at a low cost.  

William Hughes is used to such challenges and has many years experience in the manufacture of bent wire components for a wide range of applications. Its engineers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, aided by the latest computer design software and CNC controlled machinery.

Using these resources, William Hughes is able to design and manufacture complex bent wire parts that meet customer’s specifications for dimensional accuracy and strength. For example, a typical bent wire pedal bar may require as many as eight bends in three dimensions to achieve the required shape. Each bend has to be precisely applied to the component with consistency and accuracy.

Some manufacturers require additional individual variations for example, a tapered boss welded to one end of the wire. To achieve this with high accuracy, William Hughes designed a special assembly jig that provides a foolproof method of feeding the parts into an automatic welding machine.

Variations for other two or three dimensional wire forms include twists, turns, spirals, protrusions, indentations and ‘pips’ that enable plastic components to be used to rigidly link assemblies together. When the components have completed their bending and forming they
are finished using an e-coating (electrophoretic painting) process – an environmentally friendly process that applies a durable black coating to the component with a uniform thickness. 

There are many other examples of projects where William Hughes has worked with its customers to engineer the best solution and then manufacture to a high quality and low cost using its high capacity production plant, which is one of the most sophisticated in the world. 

The William Hughes product range includes compression springs, tension springs, wire forms, PCB test points and spring wire. Stringent quality checks to ISO 9001:2008 and
TS 16949, combined with the latest design, production and distribution techniques ensure continuity of supply, rapid delivery and competitive prices across the range.

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