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Aid Call - Effective Nurse Call Systems Tailored To Your Needs

05 November 2013

Wireless systems like Aid Call’s Nurse Call system provide all the functionality and reliability of a hard wired system, but with the added benefit of greater flexibility and functionality.

The flexible system is modular and can be moved around and added to as required. Wireless nurse call systems are quick and easy to install and infinitely changeable and expandable.  This means that you can adapt them and tailor them to the ever changing needs and priorities of your residents.

Aid Call wireless nurse call systems can make life easier and more efficient for your staff and are simple for residents to use too.  The Touchsafe® Nurse Call System is attractive, functional and reliable, but robust enough to withstand the demands of the care or nursing home environment.

Aid Call is a leading supplier of wireless nurse call systems providing a range of professional wireless nurse call and warden call systems.  With over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of nurse call systems, we have the ability to tailor each system to suit individual requirements and needs, as well as working within your budget. 

With financial challenges facing the Care Home industry, there has never been a greater need to offer more cost effective, future proof solutions.  The Aid Call system brings flexible and powerful features that allow you to focus on the most effective care delivery, rather than the limitations of the technology.

If you are looking for an effective, cost efficient monitoring system for your residents, Aid Call’s wireless system could revolutionise the way you manage your Nurse Call communications.

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