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Ixthus expands sensor range: VLPSC position sensors have autosensing voltage and current output with simple teach mode for span and zero

13 March 2015

Towcester – UK – February 2015: Ixthus Instrumentation’s new VLPSC series linear position sensors provide precise displacement measurement with teach-mode calibration for zero and span in addition to autosensing 0 -10 VDC or 4..20 mA outputs.

With a choice of nine electrical travel ranges from 25 to 290 mm, these robust and competitively priced sensors combine tried and tested conductive plastic element technology and integrated signal conditioning electronics to offer a 12-bit resolution, linearity to 0.1% and high positional repeatability.

Available for displacement referencing as single components or as part of comprehensive test and measurement system solutions from Ixthus, the rod-style VLPSC series combines the benefits of convenient installation via self-aligning spherical bearing mounts and a compact design that keeps overall length to measured length ratio to a minimum. The 15 mm square aluminium housing and improved felt and O-ring shaft seal arrangement provides IP65 protection with IP67 on request. The well proven design features a patented multi-fingered precious metal wiper arrangement that ensures smooth and uninterrupted contact with low electrical noise and high resilience to shock and vibration. The high reliability sensor has a rated service life in excess of 25 million operations, an operating temperature rating of -40 to +90 ºC and 5% - 95% humidity tolerance.

The simple teach function procedure allows referencing the start and end positions for the sensor without the need for a PC connection, using a visual signal from an on-board red/green LED and a single input pushbutton.

The VLPSC provides a sampling rate of 4 kHz and a refresh rate of 1 kHz for fast position update. Supply voltage is 12 to 24 VDC and sensor is delivered with 1 metre leads as standard and with optional 3 metre cabling.

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