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Ametek Land Extends Spot Pyrometer Range

08 September 2015

DRONFIELD, UK – AMETEK Land has released two new high performance SPOT pyrometers which further extend its measurement capabilities and temperature ranges.

The SPOT pyrometer family provides continuous on-line temperature measurements within the range 50°C to 1800°C (122°F to 3272°F), ensuring greater accuracy and quality for process industries.

These latest new products incorporate many advanced technologies and features that are combined in one easy-to-use temperature sensor.

SPOT R210 is an innovative multimode pyrometer operating within the range 1250C to 11000C (257oF to 2012oF).  It features five selectable measurement modes, making it completely configurable to a wide range of different process applications. The end result is the user benefits from greater accuracy and improved product quality when measuring lower temperatures in challenging environments.

The five selectable modes allow SPOT R210 to provide highly accurate temperature measurements by selecting one of the following:

- Mono 1 (2.1µm short wavelength)
- Mono 2 (2.4µm short wavelength)
- Ratio/2 Color (both detectors used in a ratio mode)
- Duo (uses Mono 2 at low temperatures and Mono 1 at higher temperatures)
- Multi (uses Mono 2 at low temperatures and seamlessly transfers to Ratio mode at higher temperatures).

The second addition to the family is the SPOT M210, a single wavelength pyrometer utilising short wavelength 2.3 µm spectral response and providing high accuracy readings within the range of 500C to 11000C (1220F to 20120F). It is ideal for low and uncertain emissivity metals measurements. 

“These are very exciting developments as we further extend our SPOT family of pyrometers’ measurement capabilities,” explains Richard Gagg, Global Product Manager: Infra-red at AMETEK Land.  “With R210, this is the equivalent of five different pyrometers in one, making it extremely flexible as well as user friendly.  Heat Treaters processing many different materials for their clients have the advantage of being able to choose the measurement mode that works best for that process.  When starting a new customer job, they can simply change operating modes if necessary.  The sister M210 pyrometer opens up huge opportunities for measurements over a wide temperature range of 50 to 11000C (1220F to 20120F), while operating at a short 2.3 µm wavelength.”

SPOT pyrometers from AMETEK Land are designed for simple installation, configuration and flexible design.  All processing functions are integrated into a single sensor, making them suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications from cement, steel production and metal forging to heat treating.

Each SPOT pyrometer features a sapphire protection window, resistant to scratches, heat, solvents and acids.  As standard, each SPOT pyrometer has multiple interfaces, digital and analog, providing many choices of connectivity. In addition, precision mirror optics eliminate chromatic aberrations.  SPOT is powered by either 24 V DC or Power over Ethernet.

A popular feature of the range is the built-in web server, enabling the sensor to be viewed and configured from any standard web browser over an Ethernet connection.  No setup software or special cable is required, so you will never need or lose them. 

SPOT pyrometers feature an integrated keypad and screen, allowing for easy local setup and alignment by one person. The pyrometers do not need removing from their protection mountings to change focus.  SPOT pyrometers also feature a live video view of the scene and motorised focusing between 600mm and infinity.

Setup, focus adjustment and video scene view are available locally on the instrument and remotely using a standard web browser or optional SPOT Server Software.  A patent pending bright green LED focus pattern pulsates to aid in the initial pyrometer alignment.  SPOT also features multiple language settings, making it easily used in many countries around the world.

SPOT pyrometers are designed for simple installation and are easily interchangeable with older LAND pyrometers and also some from other manufacturers.
Optional SPOT Server software allows up to 40 SPOT pyrometers to be integrated, with up to 20 readings being displayed on one screen simultaneously.  Readings can be data logged and trended – making it easy to document process temperatures.The SPOT Server software fully supports multiple monitor configurations.

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AMETEK Land offers a wide range of process imaging and non-contact infrared temperature measurement products. For additional information, contact Land Instruments International, Stubley Lane, Dronfield, UK, S18 1DJ. Phone: +44 (0) 1246 417691. Fax: +44 (0) 1246 410585.  E-mail: Website:

In the United States, contact AMETEK Land inc, 150 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. Phone: 412-826-4444. Fax: 412-826-4460.  E-mail: 

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