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Heald launches new website

18 January 2016

We at Heald are very proud to announce that our new redesigned website has been launched, and are inviting you to visit and explore the new site.

The new website has been completely re-worked and designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience, with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing our customers to view details about all of our award winning products with ease.

The new website has been designed to be as clean, sleek and modern as the products it offers, such as Heald's Hydra intelligent control and monitoring system, the HT2-Matador - the world's only PAS68 tested surface mounted sliding bollard system - and the revolutionary HT1-Raptor.

Heald is aware of the constantly increasing demand for viewing and consuming media in different forms, and so the new website will intelligently respond and optimise to the device you are viewing it from, no matter what size screen or operating system, to offer our users the best possible experience.

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