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About us

Heald has been ensuring the safety of some of the most prominent global sites for more than thirty years, offering cutting-edge defence against hostile vehicle attacks. Renowned for our expertise in perimeter security technology, we proudly hold the position of the UK's leading manufacturer of top-notch security equipment.

Innovative Designs 

At Heald, innovation lies at the heart of everything we do. Our line-up comprises exclusive, patent-protected products, ensuring you won't find anything comparable to our bollards and road blockers in the market. For three consecutive years, we have been listed in the IP100 League Table, consistently ranking among the top ten companies, and we have received numerous accolades in recognition of our groundbreaking innovations.

We specialise in crafting customised designs that perfectly match the specific demands of each site, catering to the ever-growing requirements of organisations seeking robust security solutions to counter the risk of vehicular attacks.

Our Products & Services Include:

Security Road Blockers
For those seeking a formidable security barrier, Heald offers a selection of high-security road blockers that make an excellent choice. Available in different heights, all our security road blockers undergo rigorous PAS68 or ASTM crash testing. These high-security road blockers not only provide robust protection but also present a visible security presence that can be easily recognised from afar.

Anti Ram Bollards
Every single one of our Anti Ram Bollards has undergone rigorous crash testing, adhering to IWA 14, ASTM, and PAS68 standards. This ensures that you can place your trust in our products to effectively safeguard your site. Our collection of high-security bollards includes distinct options like hydraulic, electro-mechanical, or manual operation, as well as high-security static bollards.

Surface & Shallow Mount Technology
Our surface and shallow mount products offer an excellent solution in situations where a deep mount installation is impractical. With our bollards and road blockers, you can achieve a swift and efficient installation process. These versatile products are suitable for both temporary projects and permanent installations, making them an ideal choice for various needs.

Access Control Systems
Heald offers a diverse range of access control systems, catering to various needs. These systems range from basic push-button control to the comprehensive Hydra range, featuring remote control and monitoring capabilities. You can easily pair our access control systems with any automated Heald product, providing a seamless and convenient solution.

Heald's assortment of security barriers is specifically engineered for areas like car parks, where efficient traffic control is crucial. We offer three distinct styles, allowing you to choose the one that best suits the requirements of your site.

Traffic Calming Products
Heald provides an optimal selection of traffic calming products, perfectly suited to manage traffic flow. These products offer a straightforward and budget-friendly solution, effectively deterring unauthorised entry or exit.

Security Product Installation
At Heald, we offer diverse installation options tailored to meet your specific needs. You can choose a complete installation service from our team, or we can supply the products for a pre-prepared site and collaborate with you during the process. Our proficient engineers are readily available on-site if necessary, even if it's solely for supervision purposes. Our primary goal is to ensure you derive the utmost benefit from our products, and we are delighted to provide any assistance you may require.

Crash Tested Security  

Continuously, we strive to innovate with revolutionary designs, subjecting them to the most up-to-date British, EU, and US security standards. Our in-house manufacturing process is highly esteemed for its exceptional quality and performance.

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, we take pride in offering an array of award-winning PAS 68, K12, IWA, and ASTM bollards, road blockers, and barriers. Our crash-tested products provide our customers with the assurance of dependable security solutions they can trust and rely on.


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Heald Ltd

Excellent innovative company not far from,very clever people.Watch their videos on youtube.


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