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Skin Evolution launches new kleraderm infinite beauty caviar range at Professional Beauty 2016

29 January 2016

Skin Evolution Limited, sole UK distributor for the Kleraderm Advanced Skincare Range from Italy, is launching Kleraderm’s innovative new Infinite Beauty range at Professional Beauty ‘16. This luxurious range of five face care products uses caviar to deliver superior anti-ageing benefits to mature skin.

Stress, environmental factors and a non-balanced lifestyle are among the leading causes of skin ageing.  Women also experience hormonal changes, which impacts on the look and feel of skin.  To meet the demands of discerning women looking to maintain a young, healthy look to their skin, Kleraderm has specifically created the new Infinite Beauty line to tackle the problems of wrinkles, lines and loss of skin elasticity.

Kleraderm uses caviar in the Infinite Beauty range as it provides the perfect synergy between luxury, technology and high quality skincare.  Derived from sturgeon eggs, caviar has always been considered a luxury food, representing a delight for the taste but also for the body.  At the end of the nineteenth century, caviar was introduced into cosmetics products for the first time, with great success.  Modern scientific studies reconfirm the outstanding benefits of its precious extracts, rich in proteins of marine origin, essential fatty acids and vitamins D, E & B12, which preserve the hydration and nourishment of the skin.  

Kleraderm combines caviar with other active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed yeast extract and selected vegetable oils, and the company’s innovative technologies, to provide an extraordinarily treatment for wrinkles and deep lines on the face, eyes and lips.  This unique combination of ingredients delivers synergistic benefits to facial skin, helping to strengthen the skin’s defences, stimulate collagen production and combat water retention and dry areas around the eyes.  Improvements are immediate and clearly visible.

The Kleraderm Infinite Beauty Caviar range includes:

Infinite Beauty Caviar Eye-Lip Cream: an antioxidant-rich treatment for eyes or lips that has a silky, soft formula and delivers immediate comfort and nourishment and aids skin regeneration.  It also helps minimise the feeling of puffiness, reduces dark circles and improves skin smoothness and elasticity.  

Infinite Beauty Caviar Eye Serum:  a concentrated, easily absorbed fluid that’s specifically developed to help reduce puffiness and darkness around the eye area.  Powerful key ingredients combine to help increase elastin production and promote plumper, firmer, smoother, brighter-looking skin.

Infinite Beauty Caviar Anti-Ageing Cream: the ultimate anti-ageing cream, which works to restore skin texture and tone, almost instantaneously.  It re-energises, tones, moisturises, nourishes and gently exfoliates when applied and helps stop the effects of collagen degeneration on ageing skin.

Infinite Beauty Caviar Anti-Ageing Serum: this silky serum, with its unique formula based on caviar, sea collagen and manilkara leaf extract, is rapidly absorbed to help reduce signs of ageing.  It produces extraordinary benefits when used in conjunction with Infinite Beauty Caviar Anti-Ageing Cream.

Infinite Beauty Caviar Anti-Ageing Mask: a regenerative face mask that helps promote exfoliation and cell renewal as well as providing illuminating and nourishing benefits.  Skin is left feeling softer, smoother and velvety to the touch. 

Kleraderm is an established name in Italy and renowned for providing high quality, innovative skincare products and treatments that draw on the beneficial properties of natural and organic ingredients to produce visible results.  All Kleraderm’s advanced formulations are scientifically supported and proven to be effective at improving and maintaining optimal functioning of different skin types.  Above all, Kleraderm is a brand of integrity, where the quality of the raw materials and ingredients used, and their benefit to the skin, is of paramount importance.

Each product in the Kleraderm Infinite Beauty Caviar range is available in a larger size for professional use and a smaller, retail size for homecare.  Trade prices start at £36 plus VAT for the professional size products and £30 plus VAT for homecare retail products, with rrps starting at £65.  For further information, visit Skin Evolution at Professional Beauty ’16 or contact the company on 01452 864574, or

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