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Ahava UK launch innovative 3-In-1 Mineral Toning Cleanser

19 August 2009

The 3-In1 Mineral Toning Cleanser is Ahava UKs' pioneering new addition to its Source range, tackling three skin care challenges in just one product.

Known and respected throughout the country for its knowledge and innovation of Dead Sea mineral skin care products, Ahavas' new creation addresses three skin care challenges in one powerful mineral solution. The new 3-In-1 Mineral Toning Cleanser presents as a light water-based, cleansing milk that works effectively to remove make-up, dirt, and deep-seated skin impurities with its wholly gently action, that cleanses and restores, without irritating the delicate area around the eyes.

It also tightens pores, and rebalances the skin’s pH. The new, practical facial-cleanser leaves skin clear, toned, revived, and ready to absorb, and retain the moisture-enhancing benefits derived from using one of Ahava’s Source Smoothing Moisturisers.

Ahava has combined a number of fine, natural ingredients, harvested from the Dead Sea region, to achieve this special all-in-one effect. Like all face and body care products in Ahavas' Source line, the new 3-In-1 Mineral Toning Cleanser is powered by the companys' unique Dead Sea mineral complex, Mineral Skin Osmoter™, which acts as a natural catalyst enabling the skin to retain a balanced moisture level.

The new addition also contains Dunaliella algae, an exceptionally, powerful seaweed indigenous to the region, that is rich in beta-carotene, an efficient protagonist that fights the free-radical damage responsible for skin ageing. The formula also draws on the excellent toning and astringent qualities of Witch Hazel, and the natural anti-inflammatory properties of Date Plant Extract, which is also rich in Vitamin E and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Pat Strutt of Ahava UK says, “We are delighted to add  this highly efficient and innovative Source 3-in1 Mineral Toning Cleanser to our Dead Sea mineral portfolio of skin care products, whether it’s used by mobile therapists, salons, or spas. Using just this one product means therapists have a single, gentle, and highly efficacious solution that proves an ideal choice when dealing with three basic face care challenges, as it simultaneously calms, clarifies, and tones the complexion. The special triple-action formula helps maintain a soft, supple, youthful-looking skin, and acts as an ideal base for further facial treatments.”

Pat continues, “In the current economic climate, Source 3-In-1 Mineral Toning Cleanser presents the perfect solution to clients with time or financial constraints, for therapists conducting ‘express facials’, and for retail sales, as part of an at-home facial care routine.”

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