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Gloucestershire College rejects old cooking technology

14 May 2009

Induction is the way forward for Tewkesbury Launch Pad project.

Gloucestershire College lecturers Shaun Naen and Gareth Crwys Williams were so impressed with Target Catering Equipments' i-hob induction hobs that they used for cooking demonstrations and outside events, that when the new college project Tewkesbury Launch Pad vocational training centre was being built, induction was the natural choice for the new kitchen.

Replacing traditional gas and electric hobs will save the college thousands of pounds in energy savings alone, not to mention the hours saved in cleaning and maintenance costs. Each student has an individual cooking and training station.  The hobs being flat and flush with the worktops means extra space is available, when the hobs are not in use, for exapmle for food preparation.

Students will now be able to use the latest cooking technology to benefit future generations and the colleges' carbon foot print will be significantly reduced benefiting the environment.

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