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The Advantages of Polycart Shopping Trolleys

10 July 2019

Formbar are pleased to announce that we are the new and only UK distributors for the Polycart range of light-weight, easy to use and innovative plastic shopping trolleys.

Plastic Shopping Trolleys have definite advantages over wire shopping trolleys for retailer and customer alike; however currently there is a big anti-plastic movement, so the first advantages to highlight are their green credentials:

Polycart shopping trolleys have a longer lifespan than metal and unlike metal they are 100% recyclable.
  • All manufacturing scrap parts are re-ground at the factory and recycled back into their products.
  • The manufacturing process is clean; that is there is no chemical heavy metal plating processes as used in the manufacture of metal shopping trolleys.
  • Polycart shopping trolleys are more compact and lightweight than the metal alternatives, and they nest together tighter, therefore an increased number of plastic trolleys can be loaded into a truck for transport therefore cutting lorry traffic and transport pollution.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, Polycart shopping trolleys have many other advantages:
  • One of the biggest user complaints about metal wire shopping trolleys is difficulty of steering. Trolleys are either too heavy or the wheels want to travel in the wrong direction. Plastic shopping trolleys tackle this issue head on by being very lightweight and sturdy; unlike wire trolleys, they do not end up bent out of shape so keep perfect wheel alignment throughout their lifespan providing shoppers with outstanding ease of maneuverability even after years of service.
  • Polycart plastic trolleys are light, and have rounded edges, with no metal parts to come loose, so if they run into customers or the glass doors of fridges or cars in the carpark, they are very unlikely to cause any damage at all.
  • Polycart trolleys do not succumb to rust and have a much reduced rate of theft due to their zero scrap metal value. This means they will last longer than equivalent wire trolleys with less maintenance.
  • Polycart trolleys have an innovative look, they are distinct and can be produced in corporate colours with branded handles and advertising spaces.
  • The different design does not omit the other features expected of a trolley; child seats, bag hooks, coin locks and many other accessories either come as standard or can be easily and inexpensively added.

Polycart shopping trolleys may challenge your perception of trolley design and surprise customers but once shoppers realise how easy they are to push and steer they will load them up with items to purchase and come back to use them again.

Contact Formbar now for more information, or to trial these trolleys in your store.

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