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Grocery Store Cleanliness More Important to Shoppers than the Prices - compelling new independent research

24 November 2020

2000 adults were asked a series of questions regarding the cleanliness of grocery stores including the trolleys, baskets and other surfaces, and the results were compelling. Those grocery stores able to get it right will keep their tills ringing with loyal customers.

More than half of shoppers are worried about catching COVID in supermarkets, and when deciding where to go and do their grocery shopping, cleanliness and COVID security is significantly more important than the price of the food.
50% of those surveyed specifically look for supermarkets that are COVID secure and are demonstrating they are doing all they can to keep their customers safe.

38% of shoppers are more likely to return to a COVID-secure store and give that store their loyalty.

Two thirds of people think supermarkets should do more to maintain good hygiene standards, and only 7% think that supermarkets have good hygiene practices. 11% are not using a basket or trolley at all, for fear they are not kept clean.

There is a real opportunity here for local independent and convenience stores to be able to demonstrate to their customers that they have put in every measure possible to keep their stores clean and COVID secure. In return customers will give loyalty, use and fill the baskets and trolleys, and will keep shopping locally long into the future.

Practical options for Grocery Retailers:

1) Follow all advice regarding screens, social distancing, masks, visors etc. being provided by the industry.
2) Have a large number of trolleys and baskets so sets can be in use while others are being deep cleaned – inform customers through notices that this is being done.
3) Allow shoppers to hire or purchase their own baskets or trolleys to take to and from the store for shopping so they can keep their own clean.
4) Install anti-microbial plastic sheets that can be stuck on high touch areas such as trolley handles, counters, door handles, self-checkout screens and more
5) Install a trolley wash unit that sterilises the trolleys as they are being returned to the front of the store

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