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New plant based fully biodegradable and compostable disposable face masks

19 March 2021

With the Coronavirus pandemic still widespread and the continued use of disposable face masks, we sadly know that the pollution and waste if these is staggering.

This is where Soterra have a solution, working closely alongside factories who have developed a product called Bio Mask.  It complies with bacterial and viral filtration by more than 98%.  It is the only mask based on bio polymers making it biodegradable and compostable.

With an impressive full certification so that quality can be assured of the highest standards.

The Bio masks are 'Type IIR' and made with:

Outer layers - 25gsm Bio Non-Woven hydrophobic
Inner Layer - 25gsm Bio made CELL Filter
Earloops - Organic Latex
The only mask based on Bio Polymers, biodegradable and Compostable and complies with EN13432
The Bio-Mask degrades in 3-6months

The masks are safe, environmentally friendly and available in 2 sizes suitable for adults and children.

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