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Elesa new CFMX hinges in high strength Supertechnopolymer

13 April 2021

Elesa have certainly “levelled up” with this new range of CFMX hinges in high-strength, corrosion-resistant, Supertechnopolymer.

Designed for all kinds of industrial hinging, their clean design and simple installation ensure that the CFMX series are suitable for electrical cabinets, protective screens for machining stations and retail. Other applications include HVAC compartments, industrial and outdoor environments, transit cases etc.

These rugged new hinges in black, glass fibre reinforced polyamide bring the latest advanced moulding technology to standard hinges for enclosure doors, inspection and access panels, flaps and protection windows.

CFMX hinges can be used with countersunk or cylindrical head screws, e.g. slotted, cross-head, hex or tamper-resistant equivalents, for secure fixing of flush-mounted doors and panels. They accommodate a maximum opening of 270o, with standard sizes available in lengths of 30mm to 60mm and load capacities from 750N to 3100N dependent on the angular position of the hinge.

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