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ESCATEC to exhibit at the 2023 W3+ FAIR in Germany

14 March 2023

ESCATEC will be exhibiting at the W3+ FAIR, which will be held between 29–30 March 2023 in the Buderus Arena in Wetzlar, Germany. In the German state of Hesse, Wetzlar is an economic powerhouse and high-tech optic location.

The W3+ Fair Wetzlar is a place to come and talk face-to-face with ESCATEC and other global leaders in the fields of optics, photonics, electronics, and mechanics. You can network with industry professionals and many world market leaders.

What is the W3+ FAIR?
Technological innovation is moving at a lightning-fast pace. And new future technologies are constantly finding their way into our lives and onto the world market.

The W3+ Fair is a place where companies can exhibit their innovations from the optics, photonics, electronics, and mechanics sectors, and everyone is invited to discover and discuss these innovations.

Three W3+ Fairs will be hosted during 2023:
•    W3+ Fair WETZLAR – 29–30 March 2023
•    W3+ Fair RHINE VALLEY – 20–21 September 2023
•    W3+ Fair JENA – 29 + 30 November 2023

The events promote enabling technologies and are designed to unite international expert knowledge and concentrated competencies. They are all held at locations close to key players in diverse technological fields and share the same goal: to help drive innovation and future solutions in the optics, photonics, electronics, and mechanics sectors.

What makes the W3+ Fair so unique?
W3+ Fair is unique as it promotes cross-industry innovation. Manufacturers, researchers, industry experts, and developers working in optics, photonics, electronics, and mechanics meet to discuss technological applications in key sectors:
•    Automotive
•    Aerospace
•    Consumer Electronics
•    Life Science
•    MedTech
•    Tools & Machinery

New partnerships are made through new technological visions when key players are brought together. And the technology of the future is born.
New technologies and solutions are found as experts can network face-to-face across disciplines and countries. The W3+ Fair is the chance for established industry leaders to meet startups to join forces and make new partnerships.
The Hamburg trade fair organiser FLEET Events organise the W3+ Fair. The events are strategically located in economically strong, top-technology locations, such as the optics region of Wetzlar in the German state of Hesse.

Why should you go to W3+ Fair?
  • High-tech innovations from across the world
  • Opportunities to network with important companies working in the optics, photonics, electronics, and mechanics industries working on future-oriented key technologies
  • Chance for cross-industry networking
  • Leading industry speakers about enabling technologies
  • Latest university research at the W3+ Fair Campus Area
  • Matchmaking forums for targeted networking
  • Wetzlar is held in top technology locations in Europe
  • High-tech trends, including 3D printing, robotics, digitalisation, automation, and AI
  • Visitors from more than 20 countries
  • Recruitment: contact point for top and new talent

Special events at the W3+ Fair
A variety of special events are taking place at this year’s W3+
  • HLEM 2023 (High Level Expert Meeting) will be held in parallel with the W3+Fair. Asphere Metrology is the main topic of the meeting.
  • Focus Group Photonics Meeting
  • en-tech.talks involve cutting-edge knowledge transfer
  • At EPIC TechWatch, selected members of the European Photonics Industry Consortium to formulate their needs from the user perspective.
  • VDI Innovation Area involves Robotics, Automation, Digitization & 3D Printing
  • IHK innovative involves Automation, digitisation, 3D printing, AI & energy consulting
Where will W3+ Fair Wetzlar be held?
W3+ Fair will be held in the Buderus Arena Wetzlar, located in Wetzlar, Germany.

When will W3+ Fair Wetzlar be held?
W3+ Fair will be held between 29–30 March 2023.

How to get to W3+ Fair
The Buderus Arena Wetzlar is located on the B49 in the city centre between the train station and the pedestrian zone. It is very easy to reach via the A45 motorway (Dortmund-Wetzlar-Aschaffenburg) and via the B49 (Giessen-Wetzlar-Limburg) and B277 (Dillenburg-Herborn-Wetzlar) federal roads.
The main entrance is at Wolfgang-Kuhle-Strasse 1, 35576 Wetzlar. The entrance has a large glass front.


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