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Doga Motors with Speed, position & direction feedback

14 September 2007

Low voltage DC Motors

As a leading manufacturer of low voltage DC motors and gear motors, DOGA of Barcelona release their latest overview catalogue. Constant development brings new features and benefits to the range, including motors with in-built hall effect sensors with outputs for speed, direction and position.

Due to the design of a new higher efficiency gearbox, the model 319 has a reduced motor diameter from 79mm to 60mm with no loss of power. The 116 series has also benefited from more efficient technology. Now called the 316 series, it features a 14.5mm reduction in motor length yet no reduction in performance.

Motors with the above features and self locking versions are also available. These features are all available in standard products and with customer specific designs are available for as little as 100 pieces. The benefits of a DC motor include high starting torque - normally up to 5x the rated torque, coupled with the fact that they are easily controlled using PWM drives (also available from OEM Automatic).

DOGA motors and geared motors make an excellent choice for a large range of DC powered applications. From medical, agricultural and industrial applications, through to battery powered systems – DOGA can cover them all.

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