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Torqueleaders' TBN 200 has 20° breaking action

27 August 2010

The TBN 200 Breaking Torque Wrench from Torqueleader utilises a 20° breaking action that reduces the possibility of overtightening by indicating when the preset torque has been achieved.

Access to more awkward places is allowed by having the breaking action further down the TBN 200 wrench. The TBNs' precision mechanism ensures that the set torque is applied consistently, delivering excellent repeatability making certain our customers’ quality objectives are met.

The robust construction built to withstand the harshest industrial environment, ensuring long service. The TBN 200 models can be supplied either with a 16 mm Spigot or 14 x 18 Carrier rectangular fitting drive which allows use of current end fittings.

Torqueleader also sell appropriate accessories. The TBN 200 and 200 G models are part of Torqueleaders' TBN Breaking Torque Wrench range which goes from 0.2 – 2 N.m (1.8 – 18 up to 40 -200 N.m (29 – 147 lbf.ft).

These tools are suitable for a variety of applications across multiple industries from Automotive, Aerospace, Military and Consumer Products. The TBN has a repeatability of +/- 4% of setting and exceeds the ISO 6789:2003 requirements. The TBNs can be supplied with a choice of two options (Electrical Switch and Radio Frequency for transmitting a signal when a tightening event has taken place.

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