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EZR laptop storage at Bristol Skills Academy

14 September 2010

EZR Shelving has recently supplied Laptop Charging and Storage solutions at the City of Bristol Colleges' new £30m facility.

Secure laptop storage and charging is a fundamental aspect of the new Learning Resource Centre (LRC), which will house 380 laptops that the students can sign in and out. The new LRC is a long way from a traditional college library. Covering two floors, it is ideally situated next to the college canteen, enabling students to grab a coffee and learn in their free time.

The laptop storage solution includes 20 laptop charging cabinets and 18 laptop charging trolleys enabling laptops to be moved from the LRC to the classrooms. Laptop storage units are fitted with electronic Salto locks that are accessed using a programmable key card providing improved security.

Laptop storage cabinets are raised of the floor so that power cables can be connected to floor boxes ensuring that there are no trailing power leads. Laptop lockers and laptop trolleys will each accomodate 10 laptops providing charging and secure storage facilities.

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