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SM-8x8-DVIA-LCD DVI Video Matrix Switch from ITM

05 October 2010

ITM Components Ltd announce the introduction of the new NTI low cost 8X8 DVI Video Matrix Switch with Optional Audio, to its popular line of Video Matrix Switches.

NTI VEEMUX® DVI Video Matrix Switch routes video from up to eight single link digital DVI video sources (computers, DVD players, satellite receivers, etc.) to up to eight displays (LCD monitors, Plasma screens, DLP HDTVs, projectors, etc.). The switch can be configured and controlled through Ethernet, serial port, front panel buttons, or IR remote.

The built-in Ethernet control of the switch provides a web server that users can access via the Internet to connect any input to any output, assign names to inputs and outputs, and update settings. HDCP is supported in single Point-to-Point connections. The Infrared Remote control can be used up to 30 feet away and is able to control up to 15 switches using one remote. EDID learning and built in default EDID configuration tables allow for the support of many DVI display devices, including those with audio. The VEEMUX DVI Video Matrix Switch provides high digital resolution up to 1920x1200 for monitors and 1080p for HDTV displays.

Features of the SM-8X8-DVIA-LCD:
  • DVI Video Matrix Switch 8x8 High Resolution (Optional Audio Switch).
  • Configure and control the switch through Ethernet, serial port, front panel buttons, or IR remote.
  • Supports DVI-D interface for crisp and clear video quality on flat panel displays.
  • Available with optional stereo audio.
  • Supports HDTV resolutions up to 1080p and computer resolutions up to 1920x1200.
  • EDID learning for the support of any DVI display device.
  • Built in default EDID configuration tables for both PC and Mac.
  • Dual default EDID configuration tables.
  • High resolution without Audio, and TV resolution with Audio.
  • Connect any output to any input. Broadcast one input to all outputs.

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