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02 June 2011

Ask PVL to guide you through the fast-changing world of ATEX technology. At you can find just about every kind of ATEX-certified pressure, vacuum, level, flow and temperature switch there is, including recently added Martens-Elektronik flow rate sensors, load cells, level sensors and a unique safety temperature limiter. By calling PVL on 01892 664499 you can discuss ATEX applications and solutions with PVL’s qualified and experienced engineers.

ATEX flow switches The PVL flow switches range offers some of the best piston valve, piston inline and paddle designs for flow control.

The latest range of flow switches features switch heads certified to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, married to a wide variety of mechanical flow control bodies. The products provide intrinsic safety level protection by limiting energy and temperature and minimising the risk of arcing.

As such the products may be used in Safety zones 0, 1 and 2, in application areas such as offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, mines, flour mills and other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.

ATEX level switches The PVL team is also good at helping you specify the ATEX-certified and EX-certified level switches you need. From the LM explosion-proof switch, available in brass or stainless steel (ATEX EExd 11 C T6), through the SL continuous output level control switch with a CENELEC EExd 11 C T6 option, to the remarkable IL4 level control that is suitable for tank depths of up to 10 metres – with an EExd 11B T6 explosion proof option – to the IL5 side-entry level control switch, also with EExd 11B T6 explosion proof option, PVL can offer the level switches you need for potentially explosive atmospheres.

PSM/PSP ATEX certified pressure switches One of the PVL engineering team said recently that he wishes he had a tenner for every batch of PSM and PSP ATEX pressure switches he has sent to Eastern European petrochemical plants and mines in the last few years. Our PSM/PSP intrinsically safe ATEX pressure switches in, steel, brass or stainless steel bodies, with Nitrile, Viton® or EPDM diaphragm options to suit your process fluids and environment sell all over the world.

There are switches with 0.1 to 300 bar pressure range, and another with a range of 0.25 mBar and 8.5 Bar to give you maximum flexibility. Get to grips with Martens level sensors Martens IL10 is a level sensor suitable for gas and mist EX areas Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2, dust areas Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22 (ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T6) and providing measurement ranges from 0 – 100mBar up to 0-25Bar with a 4-20mA 2-wire output.
Accuracy is ±0.5%. Or get a load of Martens’ load cell range for weighing machines Martens PC22 is an IP67 load cell for weighing equipment handling ranges from 0 – 5kg to 0 40kg in standard or EX versions with basic accuracy of 0.02% and repeatability of 0.01% Martens RC 3 series are IP68 DMS-load cells for industrial applications from 7.5 tonnes to 100 tonnes, available as standard or Ex devices.

Basic accuracy is 0.05%, repeatability 0.025%. Martens ULB series is available in standard or Ex form in ranges from 0 – 100kg to 0 – 5000kg. Basic accuracy is 0.05%, repeatability 0.025%. Then get excited by the unique Martens safety temperature limiter STL 50Ex Can be configured as STB (safety temperature limiter).

ASTB (Exhaust gas temperature limiter) or SEW (temperature monitor). Certified to DIN EN 14597 (replaces DIN 3440), SIL 2 DIN-rail mounting; floor space 50 x100mm, mounting height 110mm. Certified according to EN 14597:2005; EN 61508:2001 SIL 2. Input intrinsically safe ATEX II (1) GD [EX ia] IIC/IIB EN60079-0:2004; EN 50020:2002; Certified TÜV 07 ATEX 554295. Programmable temperature limit value and switching hysteresis.

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