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New Hand Dryers for National Grid, Cilfyndd

02 April 2012

When the National Grid needed hand dryers for its Cilfynydd Sub Station it looked no further than Fast Hand Dryers (FHD Online).With the project costing over a 100 Million they wanted hand dryers that were Fast, Eco Friendly, Low Energy and most of all budget saving.

We showed them the Bremmer Blade Hand Dryers which were developed for the hands in dryer market, with speed and ease of use the guiding principle. This cutting edge energy-saving hand dryer would fit the bill perfectly.

Its revolutionary design relies on heating air without the use of a heating element and on two sensors to track precisely when hands are inserted or removed. With a cutting edge 650-watt brushless motor that gives up to 10x the lifespan of hand dryers using old technology. This motor also uses up to 85 to 90 percent less energy than other hand dryers on the market. With sound levels of 70 decibels, which is far below those emitted by other jet hand dryers?

The cover is a non flammable antibacterial ABS with an antibacterial pre-filter to clean the air, costing as little as 17p per week to run.

Best of all, the Dryer completely dries hands in as little as 8 to 10 seconds. The jet-drying process quickly forces water from both the palms and backs of hands. No more rubbing palms together under a conventional blower until you get impatient and wipe them on toilet roll. Using this highly efficient dryer, makes a statement to customers that you care about the environment.

Technical Information

Automatic 1000w Heater (activated if ambient temperature is below 25C
Computer Controlled Brushless DC motor
7 year * 1000 times/day tested = more than 2.5 million cycles
Current: 7.5A
voltage:AC220-240V 50Hz 
Twin Blades each with 212 Mph air velocity 
Infrared sensors: non-contact drying, clean & sanitary
Drying time:7-10s
Material: Tough ABS  flame-retardant anti-bacterial cover
H 68.5cm W30cm D22 cm
Air Filtration
Overheating protection; over-current protection; short-circuit protection
Drain tank: water collection
weight: 11KG
G.W.: 13.2KG
Protection level: IPX4

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