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Servicing valve with Automatic Flow Limiting

12 May 2008

Arrow Valves Ltd have introduced a quarter turn servicing valve with a ball capable of accepting an Automatic Flow Limiting (AFL) cartridge to limit the flow of hot and cold water.

By limiting flow, the AFL cartridge can save water and /or assist with balancing, thereby preventing some appliances – e.g. a shower – consuming all the available water whilst other appliances at higher level or further downstream are starved of water.

There are 8 different colour coded flow limiting cartridges available, which can be inserted after installation, allowing the flow to be controlled from 0.07-0.43 Lt/s.  AFL valves are suitable for wash basins, baths & sinks, bidets and WC’s (with strainer).  A dishwasher and washing machine version is also available.

AFL Valves can be installed with copper 15mm & 22mm compression fittings, ½” & ¾” steel female BSPP or 12-20mm plastic fittings.

The 4 lt/min and 6 lt/m Automatic Flow Limiting cartridges c/w valve appear on The Water Technology List and are approved under the ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowances) scheme.

They are UK Water Regulations approved.

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