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Arrow Valves “Equi-Flow” Automatic Shower Flow Limiter

12 May 2008

The “Equi-Flow” automatic shower flow limiter from Arrow Valves Ltd is especially designed to be fitted to a standard shower hose or fixed head, saving water and energy.

The “Equi-Flow” is especially effective on multiple occupancy buildings, where it is designed to balance the system thereby eliminating water starvation at peak times.  When the limiter is fitted to showers on all floors of a building the shower maximum flow rate is the same throughout the building despite the varying demand and supply pressures.

The “Equi-Flow” is chrome plated and available with 3 different flow rates offering 0.1, 0.13 or 0.17 litres per second.  To enable compliance with the Water Regulations a version incorporating a backflow preventing double check valve is also available.

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