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Winter Warmers – assurance for your heating systems, all year round

24 February 2020

Arrow Valves Ltd have introduced new product packages – specifically for commercial heating systems.

Installations need to be designed so that we control the maximum temperature that the system reaches, but we also need to have adequate management in place should this maximum be exceeded.
These include the Autofill Pressurisation unit, featuring:
  • Category 4 backflow protection: complies with water regulations for filling of “non-house systems”, negating the need for a filling loop
  • Pressurisation Unit is Only 300mm Squared: meaning it is extremely compact, saving space
  • No integral tank: reducing risk of legionella
  • All components accessible: completely serviceable
  • Volt-free high and low cut out switches: adjustable to suit requirements on site
  • Now available as a package complete with suitably sized expansion vessel, a tried and true package for heating system management:
  • Simplifies specifying and buying: one item to be priced and procured, saving time
  • Combined warranty: commissioning and servicing of the unit and charging the vessel can be completed at the same time – offering support and peace of mind
  • Quality assurance from one supplier
  • Price saving offered for the package
We can provide help with vessel sizing – our website features a handy guide to vessel sizing, based on a radiant system with a flow and return of 82℃ / 71℃ and a static head of 10 meters.

We can provide you with a more accurate calculation based on more system parameters: static head (m), flow and return temps (c), boiler output (kw), working pressure (bar) if you can provide these values.
For more information please call 01442 823123 or visit

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