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Arrow Valves launch Telescopic Hose Union “Conceal-A-Tap”

12 October 2010

Arrow Valves Ltd have launched a hose union tap which can be recessed into any thickness of wall.

The Conceal-A-Tap fits flush with the wall when closed making it not only vandal-proof but also reducing the risk of injury.  It is particularly suitable for use in school playgrounds, sports fields, public buildings and gardens.

The unique design, which is UK Water Regulations approved, enables the unit to be easily installed inside the thermal envelope of the building thereby minimising the risk of freezing.

The Conceal-A-Tap is supplied with a unique key which enables it to be accessed and extended out of the wall.  The same key is also used to turn the tap on and off.  The rotating telescopic assembly permits a 15mm hose to exit in any direction.

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