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Urinal Water Management system ( Cistermiser )

11 March 2013

This system reduces the amount of water flushed down the urinals.

These are used in conjunction with a urinal sanitiser or urinal sleeve. The reduced water flow saves money and is kinder to the environment. The active agent in the urinal sleeves needs less water to be effective.

> Reduces water use

> Potential water saving of up to 90% compared to unmanaged urinals flushing continuously

> Fixed water use and cost

> Fitted to cold water feed for urinal cistern

> Urinal will flush at regular fixed intervals every day      

> Fully installed and serviced

Urinal Sanitisers                                                 

Urinal Sanitisers use a cistern dosing method of drip feeding a sanitising agent into the urinal cistern so on every flush the urinals are washed, sanitised and deodourised.

> Fits to urinal cistern

> Automatically delivers a regular dose of enzyme based hygiene preparation into the water in the urinal cistern

> Enzyme product works naturally to break down uric salts and limescale in the urinal

> Improves urinal hygiene and keeps urinal trap hygienically treated 

> Works 24 hours a day 7 days a week

> Complete service covering installation and regular servicing

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