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Dust Control Entrance Mats

11 March 2013

As most mats available for outright purchase were not designed to laundered, they get left on the floor over-absorbing damp and dirt which reduces their effectiveness.

Our mats are designed and tested for their efficiency. They are taken from your premises and replaced with a fresh laundered and dried mat every 1 or 2 weeks, or at your own preferred frequency, to ensure they are effective at trapping dirt and moisture to maintain the inside of your building preventing against slips and transfer of dirt.

Essential for trapping dirt at the entrance to your premises. Each mat can trap up to an astonishing 6 kilos of dirt and 3 litres of water !

Maintains cleanliness, and prevents damp being walked inside thus reducing slip-risk.

Mats available in either 3x5', 6x4', 3x10' ; in a standard black/grey
or with your company logo or a design or colour of your choosing.

Each of our mats contains a minimum of 50% recycled content and are in many ways recyclable on their own.

Logo Mats:

• Are made to order to your specifications

• Enhance the image and appearance of your company with your company logo in your corporate colours on a mat at the entrance to your building

• Strong rubber backing to provide maximum durability

• Available for entranceways (including wells), hall ways, lobbies, service counters

• Anti-fade properties

• Our in-house team of designers can create a mat to your specification and get the mat produced normally in about 3-4 weeks.

• Fire retardant to standard BS 13501

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