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MiniTec’s new adapters combine perfectly for multi-axis linear positioning systems

23 August 2013

• A new range of precision adapters from MiniTec allows its complete range of linear positioning slides to be combined easily and economically for flexible and convenient build of multi-axis positioning systems.

MiniTec has extended its modular linear positioning system range with newly developed precision adapters that facilitate the actuators to be combined easily and economically to form multi-axis systems.

Applications such as material handling, packaging, pick-and-place, material testing, marking or laser machining can be handled flexibly and precisely. The new adapters are suitable for fastening MiniTec’s profile system guide rails onto slides as well as slides on slides. With adapters having datum edges, extensive adjustment of the system is not necessary.

Linear axes and modules based on the MiniTec aluminium profile system have been successfully used across many different applications for more than 25 years. With its own production, comprehensive stock-holding and custom-oriented service, the complete range consists of compact leadscrew and belt driven guides from 45 mm square section up to heavy duty 180mm wide units.

For high-precision linear axes with optimised installation space, the newly released LMS Linearmodul series includes recirculating ball bearing guides and recirculating ball screws. The key characteristic across the linear positioning system range is the modular concept that is applied throughout; with the same ‘T’ groove size and all components compatible with all sizes of MiniTec’s profile system machine framing range - allowing complete machine base and automated positioning system build from a single supply source.

MiniTec linear guides can be delivered as components, ready for installation, or may be supplied as complete assemblies including drive and control units and application programming.  System design may be carried out by the customer using MiniTec’s comprehensive and free of charge iCAD Assembler software or MiniTec can provide a complete design and installation service if required.

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