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Eriez demonstrates non-ferrous fines separation at RWM

10 July 2014

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd will be present at RWM 2014, (16th - 18th September), at the NEC, Birmingham, to demonstrate new developments with its range of eddy current separators. This advanced equipment will enable waste processors to achieve an extremely high level separation of non-ferrous material from waste material fines.

Eriez’ eddy current separator (ECS) RevX-E achieves significantly greater separation of valuable nonferrous metals than existing market-leading products and can be applied to a wide variety of mixed waste streams. It enables materials recycling facility (MRF) operators to optimise revenue and profit from fines material waste. 

Eriez has developed two rotors for fines separation: the ST2 for materials typically above 25mm in diameter and the ST22 model for particle sizes less than 25mm. The eddy current separator ST22 model is at the forefront of nonferrous metal separation. Combining an ultra-thin carbon-fibre shell, advanced magnet circuitry and specially designed splitter plate, Eriez Rev-X-E ST22 Eddy Current Separator achieves the highest grade of separation for fines nonferrous metals in the industry today. 

Eriez Europe Sales Director Gareth Meese said: “Eriez’s new developments in nonferrous metal recovery will allow recyclers and waste processors to stop throwing away money to landfill. So far, we have seen customers achieve an aluminium flake reduction of 92% from a single pass or a clean PET flake yield of between 97 and 99%. “

“These superb pieces of equipment go to show what good R&D-based design can achieve.”

“Visitors to RWM 2014 are invited to bring their samples of fine waste materials for testing on our RevX-E eddy current separator. Customers are also welcome to send their samples to our facilities in Caerphilly, South Wales, so that we can run tests and provide them with an expected nonferrous recovery rate. Please contact Eriez to book arrangements.  

Further information is also available on our specialist website.

Eriez will also display its new Rare Earth Overband Magnetic Separator, the CP RE, which is 60% lighter than conventional model, maintaining the same magnetic separation characteristics of the standard overband magnet. 

Another standard piece of equipment, our Prograde magnetic drum, will also be on the stand.  This ferrite drum is a part of the Eriez Prograde range  and is available off-the-shelf.

Visitors to RWM 2014 can also see 2 example of Eriez metal detection range with the EZTEC 9100 metal separation station which is ideal as a last chance cleaning station and the MA3500 metal detector, part of Eriez’s Metalarm range used for machinery protection such as granulators and shredders and quality control. 

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