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Eriez Magnetics has a global network of manufacturing and sales facilities that designs, develops, manufactures and markets their leading Magnetic Separation, Metal Sorting, Metal Detection, Vibratory and Sampling technology.

Eriez supply their innovative equipment across various industries, some of which include recycling, mining, quarrying, waste handling, ceramics, food and other processing industries where there is a requirement to remove, separate or detect metals.

Magnetic Separation Equipment

Eriez Magnetic Separators use magnetic technology to separate or remove metal contamination from any process where there is free flowing or conveyed material.

Small Magnetic Separators –These small magnets can be easily retrofitted into a wet or dry process, depending on the type, to remove metal contamination. This range consists of Tube Magnets, Grate Magnets, Plate Magnets, Magnetic Traps, Bullet Magnets, Hump Magnets and other specially designed units.

Suspended Overband Magnets – Permanent or Electo-Magnets suspended over a conveyor belt to automatically remove ferrous metals from the product stream. These magnetic separators are widely used in the recycling industry to separate ferrous metals, whilst in mining, quarrying construction and demolition they are used to protect downstream equipment.

Magnetic Drums - Permanent magnets for automatic separation of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles. As material reaches the Drum, the magnetic field attracts and holds ferrous particles to the Drum shell. As the Drum revolves, it carries the material through the stationary magnetic field. The non-magnetic material falls freely from the shell, while ferrous particles are held firmly until they are carried out of the magnetic field.

Magnetic Pulleys – Used to automatically separate heavy tramp iron and fine iron contaminants from conveyor transported materials.

High Intensity Magnetic Filters - A high intensity, high gradient magnetic separator to capture fine ferrous and paramagnetic particles in liquids and slurries. This filter is widely used in the minerals and ceramics industry to purify the product.

Rare Earth Roll Separators – A simple pulley and belt system for the optimum separation of paramagnetic particles from dry products.

Magnetic Sweepers - Eriez Electromagnetic and Permanent Magnetic Road and Floor Sweepers are a fast, efficient, practical way to rid large surface areas of hazardous pieces of iron. In one quick sweep they prevent costly tyre damage, reduce equipment downtime and eliminate many safety hazards.

Eddy Current Separators

Eriez have a diverse range of Eddy Current Separators to remove non-ferrous metals from a waste stream. They are available with either concentric or eccentric magnetic rotors to suit specific separation objectives and are designed for ease of installation into new and existing plants.

Eriez Eddy Current Separators can be used for the recovery of non-ferrous metals from car frag, to extract aluminium beverage cans from refuse, to purify small granulated plastic, to remove aluminium rings and bottle tops from crushed glass, to separate non-ferrous metals from incineration ash and for many more applications.

Where there is a need for an Eddy Current Separator there is usually a need for ferrous metal separation. Eriez have designed a range of modular systems where customers can purchase one complete module unit incorporating an Eddy Current Separator and Magnetic Separator to separate both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Metal Sorters

Due to the growth of the recycling and waste management industry, Eriez are continually designing new technology to further improve the separation of metal that recycling companies can achieve. Eriez metal sorters can remove ferrous, non-ferrous or both from the waste stream to ensure the high metal separation standards are met. They not only reduce the amount of metal going to landfill but also purify materials being recycled.

ProSort II – Using metal sensors and an inverted paddle mechanism, the airless ProSort II recovers valuable metals without the need of a costly air supply.

Shred 1 – Using ballistics the Shred1 efficiently separates iron-rich ferrous from mixed metals and is ideally used for the processing of end of life vehicles.

FinesSort – Combining an Eriez Eddy Current Separator with two magnetic drums, the FinesSort metal recovery system is the ultimate in fine particle metal separation. The FinesSort’s series of powerful magnetic components recover valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the fines waste stream in scrap yards.

PokerSort – Eriez’ new PokerSort extracts long, troublesome pokers like automotive leaf springs, tie rods, steering and axle components and other generally uncooperative long shapes directly from shredded material.


Eriez ProGrade™ range is made up of various high quality Magnets, Metal Detectors and Vibratory equipment which are available for immediate despatch and at exceptionally low prices. Included in the range are Grate Magnets, Tube Magnets, Bullet Magnets, Magnetic Traps, Magnetic Drum, Hand Held Metal Detector, Pneumatic Vibrator and Vibratory Feeder Drives.

Industrial Metal Detectors

Eriez Metal Detectors are used for protecting valuable equipment and improving quality control by detecting the presence of metals in conveyed or free fall material.

Metalarm Metal Detectors – Using pulse induction this range of Metal Detectors are easily fitted to existing or new conveyors and are available in a variety of sizes, sensitivities and control type to suit individual application requirements.

E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detectors – Due to using balanced coil technology the E-Z Tec 9000 range can provide the same benefits as the Metalarm range whilst being able to reach higher sensitivities.

E-Z Tec 9100 Metal Detector – Combining balanced coil technology with a pneumatic reject system, the E-Z Tec 9100 Metal Detector ensures the detection and rejection of sub-millimetre metal contaminants from free falling material.

Metal Detector Accessories – For improved efficiency and trouble free running of Metal Detectors, Eriez supplies a range off accessories suitable for both the Metalarm and E-Z Tec range.

Vibratory Equipment

Eriez offers a complete line of vibratory equipment for controlled feeding of dry bulk materials, screening dry and wet products, separating solids from liquids, conveying large tonnages of bulk materials, and for vibrating bins and hoppers.


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