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The ZOUCHglaze Spacer pads

15 December 2008

The reliable protection for the storage and transportation of flat glass, sealed units and window frames.

ZOUCHglaze spacer pads are single sided adhesive coated foam products incorporating a peelable acrylic adhesive and a high density PVC Foam. Various colours are available subject to a minimum order quantity but standard in Red, Blue or Grey. The low tack pressure sensitive peelable acrylic adhesive allows clean removal from glass, metal and uPVC surfaces leaving no adhesive residue or “ghosting” marks.

The specially formulated adhesive is UV and temperature resistant and will offer consistent bonding strengths and clean peel after prolonged periods in contact with glass surfaces. The product is available in various grades for thickness and density of closed cell PVC foam. The foam has been developed to offer excellent compression resistance and recovery even after high loading weights have been applied.

Specifically designed for the separation and protection of sheets of flat glass, sealed units and automotive glass in transit and storage, and to aid protection during installation. Also suitable to use with painted and pressed metal panels or
similar surfaces.

• Bright colours for easy visibility
• High density foam material provides excellent shock absorption
• Low compressibility of the pad allows layers of glass to remain separated
• Leaves no residue or “ghosting marks” on glass
• Reduces claims of broken glass – saving money and time (breakages in transit)
• Solvent based Acrylic adhesive is UV and temperature resistant
• Will not deteriorate or breakdown like cheaper alternatives will

• Residential and commercial window protection
• Used as an alternative to cork pads for protection of glass and other fragile materials
• Protective barrier on metal and plastic surfaces
• Door & window frames

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