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Z9000 extruded Cork Insulation Tape from Zouch Converters

19 April 2010

This product was formulated to provide insulation and to prevent condensation on pipes, fittings and tubings used in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing. It can also be used on hot pipes.

This product is a polymer based material containing buty rubber, asphalt and granulated cork (55% by volume). It contains no fibers.

This product adheres well to most clean, dry surfaces and to itself making it possible to add more than one layer without adding fasteners or adhesives. It is sufficiently soft and pliable to be molded around most fittings and connections and retains its flexibility and adhesion over a service temperature range of -20°F to 190°F. It is black in color and has a grainy, rubber-like consistency. It has a very slight odor but it is concontaminating to something like sweet butter. For high temperature requirements, Zouch Z9010 High Temp Cork Insulation Tape should be used.

Clean Up:
Tools and equipment may be easily cleaned with mineral spirits.

This product is extruded on a silicone-backed release paper and rolled or cut to specific lengths. Tape dimensions vary according to specific customer requirements. Standard shipping cartons are constructed of 200lb
test material. All rolls are separated by silicone divider pads and protected by upright stacking cores. All pallets are heavy duty, have 4-way entry and are stretchwrapped and banded for shipment.

Ensure that surfaces are clean, dry, dust free, oil free and sound. Release sealant from release paper and press it sufficiently onto the surface for a complete contact.

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